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x2 Golf

Segway PT x2 Golf

With drive on the golf course

The Segway Personal Transporter PT x2 Golf offers driving pleasure, is easy to steer and significantly smaller than a regular golf cart. Special low-pressure tyres are kind to the sensitive turf and offer a comfortable, smooth drive even on rough terrain.

Based on the Segway x2, the Segway PT x2 Golf provides the new steering technology, the wireless InfoKey as well as the long-lived saphion lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle includes a holder for the golf-bag, which can be installed very easily and offers storage of the golfing equipment within your reach. The holder for the scorecard can additionally carry golf balls and tees.


SEGWAY PT x2 Golf at a glance

  • Weight
    120 lbs
    54.4 kg + accessories
  • Diameter of wheels*
    20 in
    50 cm
  • Footprint
    21x33 in
    53.34x83.82 cm
  • Max Speed
    12.5 mph
    20 km/h
  • Range
    Up to 14 miles
    22.5 km,
    up to 36 holes
  • Conception on the basis of the Segway PT x2
  • Special tyres for driving on the turf
  • Removable carrier for your golf bag
  • Holder for scorecard, golf balls and tees
  • Colour: anodized black

* wide low-pressure tires, with special low-profile turf tread


Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00