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Segway Switzerland

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Increased flexibility and efficiency due to Segway PT

Equipped with optional hard cases the Segway PT is the ideal transport vehicle for corporate use on ample premises, for example airports, train stations, large warehouses - or for increased mobility on hospital grounds.

The personal transporter is swift, handy, maneuverable, emission-free and easily rechargeable at any conventional power outlet. The Segway PT Cargo accommodates several kilograms of payload, reaches a top speed of 20 km/h with a range of up to 40 km per single battery charge depending on model and terrain.

Management, logisticians, technicians and fitters reach desired locations quickly and effortlessly with the efficient personal transporter Segway PT. All necessary items of equipment will also be carried on this transport device. The significant increase in employee efficiency is due to enhanced mobility, cargo capacity as well as a combination of indoor and outdoor compatibility.

Special fields of application require tailor-made solutions, for example a specific transport device for reanimation equipment on hospital grounds. Attractive rental conditions for these practical transport vehicles are available during the stages of planning, testing and implementation.

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Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00