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Product info

Power and endurance in elegant design

Segway PT i2 SE and x2 SE – both base models stand for power, endurance and versatile usage, combined with an elegant design. Segway Personal Transporters (PT) are attractive alternatives for covering short distances, they are engineered for reliable use and long product life.

Riding a Segway not only makes sense, it is also a lot of fun. Due to the intuitive steering using the patented Lean Steering as well as bodyweight shifting, Segway PT users are quickly able to control this electric vehicle. Steering becomes easy and precise. Learn more about the functionality of Segway PT here.

The second generation of the Segway PT comprises the patented Lean Stearing, which is used for intuitive sideways steering. High-performance Saphion Lithium-Ionen Akkus can fully be charged within a few hours and allow a range of up to 40 km (PT i2) or 20 km (PT x2). The wireless Info Key activates the unit as well as the anti-theft protection and shows the most important information such as battery capacity, distance, speed, etc. when requested.

There are diverse variations of the base models Segway PT i2 SE and x2 SE available. The innovative electric scooter can be customized for versatile fields of application in the commercial or private sector – “as a patroller for security forces, as version mobile rescue or as the cargo model for companies.

Being the Swiss distributor of Segway PT we will find the best possible solution for individual mobility matters. We offer an extensive warranty on all products as well as comprehensive service to our customers and partners.

For commercial users

Companies with ample premises see Segway PT i2 SE as a means to increase mobility and productivity indoors as well as outdoors. Equipped with optional hard cases the Segway PT i2 SE Cargo is the ideal transport vehicle. Its speed, a wide range and optimal maneuverability on various grounds are more advantages.

The Segway PT x2 SE opens up new ranges of application off the road. The electric vehicle is used in tourism, by security forces at open-air events and in agricultural enterprises. Rescue Services prefer using the Segway PT x2 SE due to its high vehicle load capacity.

For private users

The Segway PT i2 SE is the ideal electric vehicle on short distances €“environmentally friendly, quiet and best suited for urban usage due to high-precision steering.

The Segway PT x2 SE also moves softly on cobblestones and is used off the paved roads on rough terrain. The Segway PT x2 Golf extends the range of applications in the private sector.

Useful accessories enhance the suitability for daily use of the innovative devices. Objects can be transported safely and securely in theft-protected optional cargo boxes or in the handle bar bag. The Segway Lock Kit offers mechanic protection through a patented system.

Note: In Switzerland all Segway PT i2 and x2 models are classified as motor vehicles. Equipped with the Swiss Road Kit, the Segway PT is registered as a small motorcycle on Swiss roads. Motorcycle (category A1) or car (category B) driver’s license is required, wearing a helmet is recommended.

It is not allowed to ride a Segway PT on the sidewalk.

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Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00