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Frequently asked questions

I am interested in the Segway PT

What is the Segway Personal Transporter?

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is the innovation of a self-balancing, electrically powered vehicle. The Segway PT offers quick movement, a high range of action, as well as a high capacity for transportation. Its best qualities are its great mobility, efficiency and driving pleasure.

Where does the name ‚Segway PT‘ come from?

The name ‚Segway‘ is based on the word ‚segue‘, which means a soft transition from one stadium to another‘.

Where is the vehicle manufactured?

Segway Inc. produces the Segway PT in Bedford, New Hampshire in the USA.

Which idea is behind this innovation?

A Segway Personal Transporter transforms a person into a powerful passenger, who is able to move faster and carry more baggage than a pedestrian. During the conception of the vehicle, the focus was on a high-quality production, as well as on a space saving integration of all components, so that the Segway can be used indoors and outdoors without any problems. With measurements that are hardly larger than the average body of an adult and with its ability to copy the human balance sense, the Segway does not need more space than a person standing upright.

How does the Segway PT work?

The team around US-inventor Dean Kamen has invented the groundbreaking technology „dynamic stabilisation“. This dynamic stabilisation enables the Segway PT to work closely together with the movement of the human body. Gyroscopes and inclination sensors control the driver’s gravity center about one hundred times per second. Whenever the driver is slightly leaning forward, the vehicle is moving ahead, when the driver is leaning back, the vehicle is moving backwards. The direction of driving is controlled by use of the patented handle bar. The wonderful feeling of driving a Segway PT can be compared to be carving on skis.

Can I use the Segway PT all year round?

The chassis of the Segway PT is completely sealed in order to ensure operation during rain or snow. Thousands of test cycles have been undertaken to guarantee the safe operation of the electric vehicle. The standard tyres have been optimised for various types of underground, so that a combination of very comfortable driving properties and maximal traction can be achieved. We offer tyres with even better traction for an optimal performance on snow or loose ground. For rough terrain, the off-road version PT x2 with its low-pressure tyres is ideal.

Can I use the Segway PT indoors as well?

The Segway has been produced in a way that allows its use outdoors as well as indoors. In order to support operation indoors, Michelin created special tyres, which do not inflict any damage to the floors. Moreover, the Segway PT is slimmer than common door frames, is clean, quiet and does not produce exhaust fumes.

What is the maximal speed of the Segway PT?

The maximal speed of the device is 20 km/h. The Segway PT can be adjusted to two different speed settings. Apart from the normal setting, there is also the beginner mode, which reduces the maximal speed to 9 km/h and additionally slows down the turning speed in order to facilitate becoming accustomed to the Segway PT. Those speeds can be programmed individually.

How large is the range with one charging of the battery?

With a new and fully charged battery, the Segway PT has a range of up to 40 km, the Segway x2 up to 20 km. This is mainly dependent on terrain, driving style, incline, tyre pressure, temperature and weight of the driver. Thanks to the integrated technology for recuperation, the battery is charged at every downswing and when breaking.

For how long does the Segway PT have to be charged?

6 – 8 hours are necessary for a full charge. The Segway PT should be charged at room temperature (between 20 and 27°C), using a common plug (100 – 240 volt), which is available in every household.

How long is the lifespan of the batteries?

The lithium-ion Saphion Batteries are high-quality batteries, which can run through 800 – 1000 complete loading cycles. A five-digit kilometrage is thus possible with the same pair of batteries. An optimal lifespan is achieved when the Segway PT is plugged in whenever it is not used.

How robust is the Segway PT?

Durability has been very important in the construction of the Segway PT. Two approaches have been followed in order to achieve that durability: The mechanical and electrical systems are very solid and the movable parts have a long lifespan. The two brushless motors, for example, have a very low wear and the individual systems have been tested extensively and under stringent conditions. Additionally, a modular design has been chosen, to facilitate the exchange of damaged parts.

How secure is the Segway PT?

A great amount of care and research has been invested into the security of the Segway PT. It has a revolutionary balancing technology and offers an exceptional driving experience. The Segway PT has redundant systems and comprehensive sensors. Years of experience prove that the Segway PT is a secure vehicle when used appropriately. Just as with every other vehicle however, it is important that the driver is looking ahead. Understanding the functionality of the Segway PT and using it appropriately can prevent injuries, which happen as a result of misemployment or loss of control.

What are the requirements for driving a Segway PT?

The weight of the driver has to be between 45 and 115 kg. Handling a Segway PT is very easy and there are no special skills required. Getting on the Segway PT can be compared to getting up a single step of a staircase without any help.

Is it allowed to use the Segway PT on Swiss roads?

In Switzerland, the Segway PT i2 and x2 are considered as small motorcycles and can be driven with a driver’s license of the category A1 (motorbike up to 45 km/h) or B (car). The Segway PT can be equipped with the Swiss Road Kit and is then allowed to drive on Swiss roads wherever motorbikes (not small motorcycles!) are allowed to drive. Given that the Road Kit includes lights, the Segway can be used at night as well. Thanks to an exceptional rule of the Federal Roads Office, the Segway PTs can now be driven on bikeways too.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

According to the Swiss law, no helmet is necessary in order to drive vehicles with a maximal speed of up to 20 km/h. However, we recommend you to always wear a helmet for your own safety.

Can I transport the Segway PT with my car?

With the help of a ramp, you can load your Segway PT into your car very easily. As long as your Segway PT is in the balancing mode, it only requires little strength to guide it up the ramp. If your car has a small luggage space, the handle bar of the Segway PT can be removed. The Segway PT i2 requires a space of H 49 x W 64 x L 46 cm, the PT x2 requires H 63 x W 84 x L 51 cm. If you need to transport your Segway frequently, we recommend you a quick fastener to remove the handle bar quickly and easily.

Can I use the Segway PT for transportation?

The Segway PT can be equipped with two Cargo-boxes (optional) and can thus be used as a means of transportation in companies with a big territory - for example at Airports and in warehouses or for promotions. One of these cargo-boxes has a capacity of 21 litres and can be loaded with up to 5 kg. Additionally, a bag can be attached to the handle bar. This bag can carry all necessities, such as papers, sunglasses, charger or mobile phone and can be detached and carried away very easily.

What is an Info Key?

The Segway PT is controlled by use of a wireless Info Key. This Info Key can be used to turn the Segway on or off and it informs about speed, kilometres, charging level of the batteries and time. Moreover, an anti-theft system can be activated with help of the Info Key. The distributor connects the Info Key to one specific Segway PT.

How much does the maintenance of the Segway PT cost?

The annual costs for insurance depend on the chosen insurance, but are usually around SFR 200. Taxes are governed by the cantons – in some of them a reduction for electronic vehicles is granted (in Berne for example, the annual taxes of 2013 = < SFR 10). The costs for power are lower than 10 centimes per 100 km (when charging during low rate tariff). Noteworthy wear parts of the Segway PT are the batteries and tyres, as well as the elastomers, which connect gear and tyre.

I have a Segway PT

My Segway PT cannot be turned on – what can I do?

When having problems with the Segway PT, the first step is to examine the batteries. We recommend you to exchange the batteries among each other. Here we explain you how it is done. If your Segway PT is still not working after this step, please note the code displayed on the Info Key and contact our service team.

Where can I find the serial number of the vehicle and the batteries?

The 12-digit serial number of the Segway PT is located at the backside of the Segway at the right hand edge under the foot mat, as well as at the bottom of the chassis. The serial number of the batteries is on the top of the batteries – the batteries have thus to be removed. In order to process requests, we need the corresponding serial number.

Is there an alternative to the original parking stand?

We are offering alternative solutions, such as the SEGautostand for the Segway PT i2 and x2 on our website.

Can the handling bar be removed easily?

With the right allen key, the handle bar can be removed within a few minutes. You can find a detailed instruction here. With the quick fastener, the removal is even easier and can be accomplished without any tools. After installation of the handle bar, it is very important to pull it to both sides as far as it will go, in order to check, if it holds. A slipping of the holder of the handle bar can be resulting in a fall!

Can I exchange the batteries of the Segway PT myself?

Both batteries can be removed without problems with help of an allan key. You can find the detailed instruction here.

How can I dispose of the batteries?

Used batteries consist of many recycable parts. By recycling the batteries, the environment can be protected from pollution by heavy metals. We work together with certified waste management companies and take back used batteries from your Segway PT. The disposal costs are already included in the purchase price.

Which tyre pressure is ideal?

The pressure of the tyres should be controlled regularly, especially after a long time without usage. The optimal pressure is dependent on weight and terrain. We recommend the following: PT i2 = 1.0 bar and PT x2 = 0.3 bar. A wrong tyre pressure results in a smaller range of the Segway PT and leads to one-sided wear as well as damage of tyres and hose.

How do I recognise when the tyres should be changed?

The tyres of the PT i2 should be changed, as soon the middle ridge is even with the surface of the tyre. The tyres of the PT x2 should be changed as soon as the pattern on the middle ridge is no longer visible. You can see an illustration here.

Can I change the change the tyres myself?

The complete wheel can be exchanged very easily. Changing the tyre however requires professional tools. You can either let us change the tyres or you assign a garage.

How do I equip my Segway PT for the winter season?

You can find all important tips here. If you intend to use your Segway PT during winter, we recommend you the all-year tyre Urban Snow, which offers driving comfort as well as a high degree of security even during winter.

What can I do if my Segway PT has been stolen?

Never leave your Info Key with your Segway and secure the vehicle mechanically (eg. With the Segway Lock Kit). If your Segway PT has been stolen, please contact us and tell us the serial number of your vehicle. Stolen vehicles are documented in a world-wide data base. Without a suitable Info Key, which is not handed out in such a case, the vehicle cannot be used. Theft is covered by the comprehensive insurance, which you should thus contact as well.


Segway Switzerland

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