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On the fairway with the Segway PT x2 Golf

This unique edition of the Segway PT x2 features a special attachment for easy and effortless transport of golf bags on the golf course.

Customized low-pressure tyres minimize the impact on the turf. Scientific studies have provided ample evidence of the minimal impact of the Segway PT x2 Golf compared to any golf carts.

For the player

Passionate golfers who enjoy a fun ride on the fairway and who want to play quick rounds choose the Segway PT x2 Golf. The golfer feels the terrain while driving and therefore is able to imagine the soil conditions, using this knowledge to prepare for the next tee.

Players reach the Green completely relaxed and can concentrate on the tee. Another important advantage of the Segway PT x2 Golf is its ability to cruise at a comfortable pace allowing a swifter headway between the tees.

Whether 9 or 36 holes are played, an increase in enjoyment and improvement in handicaps are assured when using the Segway PT x2 Golf.

For the Pro

The Pro is able to switch quickly between his students allowing the most comprehensive support. Due to an elevated position on the Segway PT x2 Golf the Pro maintains an overview at all times even on hilly terrain.

Using the Segway PT x2 Golf, the Pro is able to play a quick round of golf, especially when there is a tight or limited time frame.

For the club

Offering Segway PT x2 Golf rentals to club members is an attractive as well as economically interesting additional offer for the golf club. Due to its electric powered drive and high level environmental compatibility the Segway PT is ideally suitable for the golf course grounds.

Leasing can be an option to invest further into the core business.

For the Greenkeeper

Equipped with the turf tyres which are specifically developed for the sensitive golf turf the Segway PT x2 Golf can be fitted with cargo side cases in which the Greenkeeper can carry necessary items. Due to the elevated position an overview will be maintained at all times.

More information about Segway PT Golf click here.


Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00