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The Segway PT, the mobile rescuer for the initial rescue operation

Traveling on the Segway PT Mobile Rescue and carrying their life-saving emergency equipment, paramedics, company EMTs or emergency doctors reach desired locations quickly while conserving their energy. The extensive storage capacity allows effortless transport of emergency equipment on patrols and ensures stand-by preparation for emergencies at all times.

Using conventional rescue vehicles at large-scale events with high volumes of people or on company premises is only possible to a limited extent. The Segway PT, however, reaches easily hazard areas and accident locations that are difficult to access and require versatile rescue vehicles with small dimensions. Predestined for smooth indoor use, the emergency rescue vehicle excels by its small width and emission-free electric drive, permitting it to fit all standard door width and traveling in elevators.

The versatile Segway PT Mobile Rescue is customized specifically to the requirements of rescue services and company paramedics, forming the ideal solution for any initial rescue operation. The configuration of installed equipment can be tailored to individual needs of various rescue services. Without any difficulty, extensive as well as heavy rescue equipment can be installed on and carried by the Segway PT Mobile Rescue due to a solid chassis and a flexible carrier system.

The basic version includes the carrier system for both first-aid emergency bag and defibrillator. Additionally, fire extinguishers, oxygen masks with cylinders, mobile aspirator devices as well as other equipment such as headlights, GPS and communication devices can be installed.

On large-scale events

Due to an elevated position the paramedics maintain an overview over situations and places of action. Immediately identified through flashing blue lights and sirens, the paramedic efficiently and effectively moves through the crowds to the intended location.

Featuring small dimensions and high mobility, the Segway PT emergency rescue vehicle is particularly suitable for events with narrow or restricted spaces.

In companies (paramedics and fire-brigade)

Using a Segway PT Mobile Rescue, first responders who carry/carrying respective medical equipment need considerably less time and energy to reach accident locations or hazard areas than respective aiders reacting by foot. Company fire departments can use this practical rescue vehicle as an additional support for the initial fire fighting.

In hospitals

Even on extensive hospital grounds the Segway PT carries the complete reanimation equipment quickly and effortlessly to the patient, travelling through doors and in elevators. Rescue equipment such as defibrillator, ECG, thorax compression assembly, oxygen mask with cylinder, mobile aspirator device and first-aid emergency bag can easily be transported.

Segway PT i2 or x2 Mobile Rescue are available for rent. For further information about the Segway PT Mobile Rescue, please click here.


Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00