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Mobile Rettung

Mobile Rescue

Segway Mobile Rescue –€“ the emergency vehicle for the initial rescue operation

Standing on the Segway PT i2 or x2 Mobile Rescue the exposed paramedic maintains a good overview and is immediately identified due to the elevated position. The paramedic with extensive emergency equipment reaches scenes of accidents quickly while conserving energy.

The Segway PT easily reaches hazard areas and accident locations that are too difficult to access for conventional rescue vehicles. The Segway PT stands out by its small dimensions and good maneuverability. Due to its small width and emission-free electric drive, the emergency vehicle can also be used indoors (e.g. traveling in elevators). The rescue vehicle features extensive storage and cargo capacity to allow transportation of all necessary equipment.

The Segway PT Mobile Rescue can be tailored to individual needs. Rescue services themselves can alter the configuration of installed equipment on the flexible carrier system.

x2 Mobile Rettungzoom

Also available as Segway PT i2 mobile rescue


Segway mobile rescue at a glance

  • Build-up on the models Segway PT i2 or x2
  • Modular carrier system on both sides according to individual configurations
  • Module emergency blue lights/sirens/headlights with Tochpad operation (without vehicle registration); further equipment such as oxygen masks with cylinder, fire extinguisher, thorax compression assembly, etc. can be installed on a solid metal box
  • Module frame for attachment of ECG etc
  • Module pull-out structure for emergency bag or backpack
  • Module case system for specific rescue equipment and personal items
  • Attachment for defibrillator on the handle bar
  • Accessory bar for fastening GPS, lighting and other accessories
  • Comfort mats reduce tiredness caused by long periods of standing
  • Special coat of varnish for significantly increased signal effect

Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00